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About KABS

Teamed for a lasting partnership

Since 1997, KABS has offered a broad range of product development services to the bio-pharmaceutical industry, worldwide. We support pharmaceutical development programs from initial discovery to phase III. Our cGMP compliant services include strategic planning, pre-clinical development, analytical testing, formulation development, manufacturing of prototypes and clinical supplies, distribution of clinical supplies to clinical sites and CMC aspects of regulatory affairs.

Over the years, KABS has steadily improved its facilities, instrumentations and cGMP compliant quality systems. We presently operate 60,000 sqft facilities divided in 18,000 sqft of analytical laboratories, 18,000 sqft of manufacturing plants, and 24,000 sqft of administration, archiving and technical support. Manufacturing areas are divided into four segregated plants configured for the manufacturing of A) Liquids and Semi-solid: creams, ointments, gels; B) sterile lyophilized or liquid injectables; C) biological active ingredients/veterinary vaccines; D) Solid dosage forms; tablets capsules.



Integrating ethics and business in a fast-paced world

We believe that the appropriate way to fulfill our promises of quality is to keep our 130 staff members in a healthy work environment. This consistent quest for an optimum atmosphere in the workplace has been established around clear ethical rules.

A continuous training program in cGMP and GCP guidelines is the cornerstone of our ethical guidance. As our clients and suppliers work under cGMP guidelines, normalization of ethical rules are verified by regular internal and external audits. All our employees have entered strict confidentiality agreements with KABS, preventing the escape of confidential information from our premises.

Over the years, we have kept our operational philosophy based on rewarded teamwork. This philosophy encourages all KABS staff members to offer technical and regulatory quality within the deadline requirements requested by our clients. We enjoy close and lasting relationships with our clients. As the future is determined by our past actions, we will keep listening to the market and adapt.


Quality and regulatory compliance

Our commitment: Quality and compliance

An operational philosophy based on rewarded teamwork allows KABS to offer a high level of technical and regulatory quality while respecting deadlines. All analytical testing activities performed at KABS are executed under the cGMP guidelines of Health Canada, the USFDA and the ICH, in secure laboratory facilities. Health Canada, USFDA, CFIA (Veterinary Biologics), and all our local and international clients audit us for regulatory compliance on a regular basis. KABS is an audited pre-qualified testing facility for the WHO. KABS facilities were audited by the USFDA in 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2010.

Quality systems of the laboratories and pilot plants are maintained and improved by separate teams. Our four pilot plants are also operated according to cGMP guidelines. Successful product development requires reliable stability indicating analytical data. Our senior formulators are working in close collaboration with senior analysts of analytical R&D department. Even at early stages of development, our formulations and processes are developed to be scaled-up for mass production.

At your convenience, we welcome in-depth audits of our facilities, quality systems and operating procedures.



A motivated workforce

KABS aims to raise the quality of its research and products even higher in the future. Highly qualified and motivated employees are the key to reaching this objective. This is an aspect that the company actively promotes, and career development plays a major role.

We strive to provide each member of our team with a stimulating and challenging working environment and opportunities for personal and professional development.

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Integrated solutions

KABS's integrated teams offer advanced support and solutions for drugs, biologicals, generics products and veterinary vaccines development.

Evolutive and flexible

KABS steadily improved its facilities, instrumentation and quality systems in response to market demands for advanced analytical R&D.

Manufacturing excellence

KABS modern manufacturing facilities are subdivided in four cGMP compliant plants to develop small scale prototype formulations or produce clinical supplies at larger scales.