60,000 ft2 facilities divided in 18,000 ftof analytical laboratories, 18,000 ftof manufacturing plants, and 24,000 ftof quality, administration, archiving and technical support.
47,000 ftfacilities divided in 8,000 ftof manufacturing plants, 4,000 ftof analytical laboratories, 35,000 ftof quality, administration, long-term archiving and technical support.
Development office dedicated to improvement of drugs quality control in Africa.

Our cGMP compliant manufacturing plants and laboratories are located on the same site. In-process testing is performed rapidly, reducing costly delays in manufacturing.

Gerard Akinocho, Vice-president

Formulations and manufacturing processes developed at KABS are configured for direct scale-up to commercial batch sizes.

Jean-Simon Blais, President

Integrated expertise, multi-site flexibility.

One product: Commitment